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Saluting Innovation @ Sproutling

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Saluting Innovation at Sproutling for creating a baby monitor every parent dreams of. This wearable monitor fits on baby’s ankle and is equipped with a sensor that detects heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and position. Gone are the days of carrying a receiver around the house while baby sleeps and making guesses about baby’s wellbeing. Sproutling communicates with a smartphone app, and warns the caretaker if something is wrong. This innovative device learns baby’s sleep patterns to predict when the little one is due to wake up while monitoring environmental noise to avoid waking the baby too early. Most importantly, parents are immediately alerted if there is a significant change in baby’s heart rate or skin temperature, or when baby rolls over while sleeping. We salute Sproutling for delivering useful insights about baby’s mood, environment, and vitals to provide peace of mind to parents while their little sprouts are sleeping.

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Originally published on March 11th, 2015

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