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Analytics and Decision Support

Webcast Recording: Value-Based Pricing Boosts ASP and Margins

In this webcast recording, Kalypso and Model N explore how value-based pricing and transactional pricing for high tech companies can result in revenue increases of two to seven percent. Panelists discuss the importance of getting the right data, the advantage of having effective diagnostic and analytical processes in place to analyze that data, and ultimately how to handle the transformation and organizational change needed to support value based pricing strategies.  read more

Analytics and Decision Support

Price Your Way to Better Profit Margins

When times are tough and consumer demand drops, companies feel great pressure to reduce prices. The urge to manipulate pricing to hold or grow market share becomes unbearable. This knee-jerk response to a challenging economic environment often results in massive price discounts to customers across the board, with the attendant erosion in profit margins. read more

Value Management and Pricing

Kalypso’s Value Management and Pricing practice helps companies deliver on the promise of innovation by creating and capturing maximum value from their product and service portfolio. Our team can help your company systemically improve profit performance through better pricing and value management across the product lifecycle. read more

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