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Complexity Reduction Part 3: SKU Portfolio Optimization & Brand Strategy

For most companies, complexity or SKU reduction initiatives still start and stop with transactional data, focusing on turnover, profit, and volume by customer and channel. For a more balanced outcome, consumer product companies should create a holistic view of complexity reduction that includes brand demand view and complexity rating. read more

Strategy Governance Retail

Complexity Reduction Part 2: The CFO’s Imperative to Drive Growth

A previous viewpoint, Complexity Reduction Part 1: Governance Sets the Foundation for Success, discussed two critical elements for laying the groundwork for a complexity reduction initiative - sustaining the involvement of the C‐suite and establishing a process owner. This second viewpoint of the series focuses on the specific role of the CFO in complexity reduction: expectations, key success factors, and types of savings. read more

Strategy Governance Retail

Complexity Reduction Part 1

For a tree to grow tall and strong, regular pruning is required. Removing broken, diseased or damaged limbs encourages faster growth. The same applies to businesses. Some of the smartest CEOs realize that to grow their company they must periodically prune their product portfolio. read more

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