New Product Development (NPD) Execution

Deliver Sustainable Business Results with NPD Excellence

We work with organizations to transform new product development (NPD) capabilities for improved development effectiveness, reduction in time to market and increased R&D productivity. 

For companies striving to achieve significant organic growth from new products, this means identifying current NPD process gaps, and defining the systematic and organizational changes needed to achieve step-function improvement.

Our approach includes assessing, benchmarking, designing, piloting and implementing key elements of NPD in the areas of governance and decision making, process structure, and project excellence.

As a result, our clients have achieved development cycle time improvement of over 40 percent, development pipeline throughput of over 60 percent and 100 percent improvement in return on R&D investment.

Core Services

  • Collaborative Development
  • Cross-Functional Process Design (Workflow Design)
  • Customer Insight
  • High Performance Teams & Project Execution Excellence
  • Innovation Capability Benchmarking & Gap Analysis
  • Interim Management & Critical Project Recovery
  • Product Launch Strategy, Planning & Execution
  • Project Governance & Decision Making
  • Resource Management
  • Technology Development

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White Paper Between the Gates: Practical Tips for New Product Development

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High level design is the first step in developing a solution to address the functions and features described in the product requirements. But when do you start and where does it fit in the product development process?
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Noel Sobelman

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Mick Broekhof