Innovation & Change Leadership

Lead People to Deliver Better Innovation Results

We work with organizations to ensure the right teams are in place to execute, deliver and sustain innovation to achieve business objectives and results.

For companies challenged to deliver the next breakthrough innovation with limited resources, this means ensuring that teams can execute the strategy, process and technology of innovation, and sustain the change across the organization. 

Real innovation requires not just a change in the work that is done, but a deeper and more fundamental transformation. We help improve the way that organizations work, yielding improved productivity, project management effectiveness, cross-functional collaboration and employee satisfaction.

Core Services

  • Change Leadership
  • Communications Campaigns
  • Leadership Alignment & Advocacy
  • Learning Programs
  • Organizational Assessment & Design
  • Organizational Change Management Strategy
  • Organizational Change Management Planning
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Resistance Management

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Video Organizational Change Management

Often, seemingly well-planned organizational change initiatives fail. So what gives?  We believe that all organizations are designed to get the results they get and that everything you do as a company leads to what you get in market. 
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Video Sesame Street Simple Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management is a complex journey - but when it comes down to communicating direction, it’s important to keep things Sesame Street simple so everyone is clear on their part in the larger initiative.
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Video Organizational Change Management: Design Change for the Whole Organization

When thinking about organizational change, avoid a myopic focus on one area of your business. To drive drastically improved in-market results, look holistically across all areas of your organization for clarity and insight.
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Article Transform Innovation with Organizational Change Management

If you don't change the underlying culture of your organization - the way people actually behave and the way work gets done - the changes you make to deliver breakthrough innovation results will not be sustainable.
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White Paper Innovation Leadership: How to Reignite Innovation in Your Organization

Reigniting the innovation engine after a turbulent two years of layoffs, cutbacks, mergers and consolidations will prove to be difficult, especially for those companies left with limited resources for innovation. This Supply & Demand Chain…
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Article Improving Innovation Team Effectiveness

How far are you willing to go to improve your innovation teams’ effectiveness? 
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Article The Team Approach

In the absence of a formal executive position accountable for delivering innovation results, functional leaders can replicate the benefits of having this role by working together to accomplish the same objectives.
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Article Responsibilities of the Chief Innovation Officer

To be a legitimate Chief Innovation Officer you have to be able to sustain superior returns on you firm’s investment in innovation. This is a big job. 
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Mike Friedman

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Mick Broekhof